The Revolutionary Bebird Smart Ear Cleaning Kit

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Farewell to Conventional & Unsafe Methods of Cleaning Ears

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Unique Features Of The Bebird smart ear cleaning kit

One piece body molding art and practicality in one. Beautiful and durable.

3.5 mm Ultra-fine lens inner diameter. Enjoy ear picking even in the narrowest of canals. 

Upgraded spoon. New zinc-alloy wrapped silicon ear spoon, soft outside and hard inside.

Exclusively developed thread ear tip. Easy to turn and tighten.  No need to worry about tip falling off.

3 Mega pixels high precision endoscope. Compatible with a variety of angles of view. 

Ear picking thermostat that will control the temperature of the unit to not be higher than that of the palms.

Water/dust/fog-proof lens.

Rechargeable battery. Fast charging via micro USB port.

3-Axis integrated gyroscope. Make ear picking more free and versatile. 

They've Adopted the Bebird Smart Ear Cleaning Revolution

Certified Customer Feedback


First of all I'm glad I bought the product. Very high quality product, original, easy to use, great quality camera and simple application. Besides that it arrived relatively quickly and wrapped in a protected form. Highly recommend to anyone who is undecided.

Alex S.

The stuff is good, the photos are very clear. With this product, there is no need to blindly hurt your ears anymore. It's a great product.

Richard C.

The device is wonderful. From what I saw through the lens is a shock, I can see to the smallest of particles invisible to the naked eye. Now my ears will be cleaner then ever. I am pleased and definitely recommend this product.

Cindy N.

Super amazing, love that it is wireless and very easy to use. Amazing tool that is so worth it if you want to look into your ears. 

Neil V.

A very practical ear tip, suitable for all ages, and you will never worry about problems with your ears in the future. 

Belinda Z.

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